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                日期:2023-08-31 11:30
                摘要:Torpac 是專業是動物給藥用品提供商,從小鼠到牛各種大小動物膠囊制作設備及耗材提供商 Torpac Directions:





                Torpac  Directions:

                Directions to visit us.

                Torpac  A World Leader:

                Torpac is the world leader in custom capsules (soluble containers) and a pioneer in the bench-top capsule filler market.  It's products are in use in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim countries.

                Torpac  Vital Products:

                Torpac's capsules and machinery are used mainly to package animal and human pharmaceutical and nutritional products.  They have also been used in the development of life-saving drugs.

                Torpac  Unique Clients:

                Our customers are mainly in the pharmaceutical industry and include major pharmaceutical companies e.g. Bayer, Eli Lilly, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Shionogi; independent manufacturers; and, research laboratories e.g. Agouron, Idex and Sepracor.  Outside the pharmaceutical industry our customers have included Mattel Toys, Paramount Pictures, Rolls Royce and Western Digital.

                Torpac  New Applications:

                Torpac has supported customers in developing patented uses for capsules and in novel pharmaceutical applications: capsule-in-capsule, copper oxide in wire form and capsules used in nasal surgery.  Torpac specializes in capsules for non-pharmaceutical use and has helped its customers introduce toys, laboratory test-kits and package optical components amongst other products.

                Torpac  History:

                Torpac was established in 1989 and has enjoyed stable double digit annual growth.  It has a sales & distribution center in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA and manufactures at a ISO-9002 facility just outside of Mumbai, India.


                Dosing Kits Include Everything You Need to Begin Dosing Rodents.

                Kit Includes: (1) Dosing Syringe, (1) Filling Funnel & Stand, (1) Tamper, (100) Capsules, and (1) Instructional Video CDRom.

                torpac size 9/9el rat capsule kit
                • Ideal for materials that are insoluble, form poor suspensions, are affected by excepients, or are odorous and distasteful (e.g. sustained release beadlets, paint flakes, chromic oxide marker)
                • Save time and money by eliminating validation of suspension / solution homogeneity.
                • Eliminate excepients absorption affects.
                • Use for lower GI delivery in Guinea Pigs.
                rat capsule multifiller
                rat capsule dosing video
                MultiFiller to fill multiple capsules at one time Rat Dosing Video
                Fill Materials Fill Weight & Accuracy Dosing Time & Acceptance
                • Dry materials in any form (powder, beadlets, crystals, paint flakes), pastes, and non-aqueous liquids.
                • 25 mg. per capsule for materials with a density of 1g/ml.
                • <1 min. (30-45 minutes for 60 rats)
                • >98% successful dosing after minimal experience(3-4 placebo doses per rat)
                Disintegration Time Animal Weight Lower GI Drug Delivery
                • Within 10 minutes in rodent stomach.
                • Rat: 200gm+ (min. 150gm)
                • Guinea Pig: 300gm+
                • Suitable for enteric coating and drug delivery in lower GI tract of guinea pigs.
                Capsule Body Capacity
                Fill Weight (materials with density 1g/ml)
                External Diameter Maximum
                Length When Locked Maximum
                Weight Empty (Cap & Body) Average
                Colors Available
                Size 9 Size 9el
                0.025ml 0.08ml
                25 mg 80 mg
                2.65 mm 2.65 mm
                8.6 mm 23.2 mm
                9 mg 17 mg
                Clear & Opaque Clear & Opaque

                Tip: Order syringes for each technician to speed dosing.
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